The moment when your ready to go to bed…

….and you realize you didn’t wash the clothes you had planned on washing. Ugh. And even better, you check your email and realize your supposed to be at the field for little league opening day ceremonies at 8:15am. And even better, picture day right after that! Ugh….

Yes that load of clothes I was going to wash, was the boys uniforms (they were all wrinkly from sitting in the bags, and I’m hoping the pants shrink a tiny bit.

And to top it off, the boys handy had a bath yet…

Double ugh.

For some reason this week I’m completely exhausted. I have no idea why, it wasn’t super eventful. Maybe cause we were out of town for the hubby’s work last weekend camping and I went to bed late and the kids woke me early every single day.

I need a sleep in day or I will not function next week. I think Sunday will be a late church day!


For some people it’s just a washer & dryer…

For me, it’s heaven!


After having the cheapest most basic washer & dryers ever my whole 29 years on this earth. I finally have a HE, Maytag, front loading washer & dryer! I wish I would have recorded what our dryer sounded like before it died… I think the best word to describe the sound is a helicopter! I literally couldn’t hear my kids talk in the house while it was running.

No we switched to an electric dryer so it’s currently hooked up in the garage while our washer is in the laundry room but I’m soooooooo glad to be able to do laundry again. 6 days with no laundry is too much for this family of 5 + home daycare!

The money would look amazing in our saving account right now but oh we’ll it was needed.

Teething baby = not super fun!

Wow! Why is it that I don’t remember having a problem with my older boys teething? It must be one of those horrible memories that our brain blocks out!

So, after a few weeks of teething I think we might be getting closer to getting the hang of it. I’m sure we’ll have it mastered right about when all the teeth have come it!

So, I thought some of you new moms may like some help and ideas to be prepared for when your cute little perfect smiling baby turns into a screaming crying, not sleeping, only napping on you, grumpy, miserable little person. 🙂

1. Teething tablets! I have forgotten them every.single.time. I go to the store but with my first two boys they worked amazing! They dissolve in the babies mouth and they’re natural and amazing!

2. Tylenol! I must say I’m not 100% crunchy mom, but I try not to medicate my child unless absolutely 100% needed. My 7 month old has only had Tylenol once in his life (circumcision day, no I don’t want to debate this so don’t start, pleaseandthankyou), and he has never once had a fever in all 7 months of his life. Even with colds and the flu, no issues. BUT after Wednesday of this week, if my child is miserable from teething all day, I WILL give him a small dose so that hopefully we will not have a repeat of the night we had. During the day we sooth with things other than medications, but sleep is just non negotiable when you have to work and trying to sooth a baby from 1:30am til right before my alarm went off at 6am was awful!

3. Ice cubes! I was recommended this by a friend. Put ice cubes into the baby feeding nets (very important, you don’t want baby to choke on them!). My baby liked them at first but after a minute wanted nothing to do with them so we went to the next idea…

4. Frozen Fruit! Lucky for me I went on a smoothie kick a while back and I had two gigantic Costco bags full of assorted frozen fruit. I once again (for babies safety) put the frozen fruit into the net and my little man LOVED this! We’re on day 4 of it! I think he likes having flavor more than just the plain ice cubes and the fruit gets a little mushy so he gets to munch on it too. Works awesome! I can keep him entertained with this about 30 minutes in his high chair. I do have to reload new frozen fruit every 10 minutes or so cause once he completely chews it so its about half the size it started he wants new pieces.

5. Amber teething jewelry! Some people swear by it, I have never tried it. My kids have never been big fans of having anything extra on them…. Honestly they’d love to be naked all the time! Lol I can barely get my baby to keep his good up in the rain!

6. Baby Orajel! it tends to be hard for me to use with my baby cause once the tooth starts coming in he freaks out of we try and touch his gums and see the tooth.

7. wet washcloth! I use this sometimes in the high chair and a lot in the bathtub! My baby would rather have a washcloth in the bath than any of his bath toys! Some people suggest cold but my boy doesn’t seem to mind warm or cold.

8. Celery sticks! we have yet to try but celery sticks and green onion have both been recommended! Celery is apparently has natural healing/soothing benefits.

9. Baby teethers! Tommee tippee makes some that are similar to a pacifier. I haven’t tried them but I’ve seen them in the store. I think this would work best probably for babies who actually use a pacifier. My baby started not liking his pacifier at like 3 months or so, and I prefer it that way (one less habit to break later) so I’ve opted not to try it thus far. It also seems from the shape it would be best for this first top and bottom teeth. I would think once one of the teeth is through it would stop the teether from making contact to the teeth following that.

10. Teething Biscuts!. I believe gerber is the maker of them. They’re a long cookie/Biscuts. I did use these with my older boys, BUT you have to be careful of the pieces breaking off and baby choking, especially if they don’t eat full on solid foods yet. These are probably best for babies over 1 year old.

11. Raw carrots! Preferably the long carrots, less of a choking hazard. Babies small teeth in the early months shouldn’t be big enough to bite off a huge chunk of the carrot, but I’m not saying its impossible so please be sure to pay close attention if you use them.

Anyone else have any other good teething tips? I will update this post with good suggestions and any new research I find or try myself!




Home improvement H E L L !

Someone remind me next time I take on a huge home improvement project that I’ve never done before… It’s not a good idea! Especially when you have 3 kids, one only 4 months old and a home daycare!

Concrete countertops = FAIL!

I hated them. I didn’t like the feel, the way they turned out, really nothing about them. So, I demoed our counters for the second time to do granite tiles. Ugh.

They’ll work and I’m actually happy with how they turned out for the most part. The spots that have any mistakes are simply cause well, we’ve never done tile before and yeah, it’s a bit challenging, especially when my dad put a warped piece of plywood on first and we had to try and get the tile to be level on it. Ugh. But 90sq. Ft. Of granite tile later, we’re close to done, had to order one more box (making the total 95 sq. ft.). But it’s just edge pieces so my kitchen will still function fine without them the spots will just drive me nuts! Lol! Still have to put up the back splash and paint and grout.

I’ve had no kitchen sink since Saturday (it’s now Wednesday), that part sucks! I thought no countertops was bad. Man, I just can not wait to be DONE!!!

I’ll leave you with a picture from early yesterday before all the tile was laid.

Concrete countertops… NOT a good idea!

So, after 15 hours of pouring concrete by myself, I came to the conclusion that concrete countertops are NOT a good idea.  Why?  They just aren’t. 

Don’t waste your time and money.  If you want a nice countertop on a budget, just do Granite tiles or some type of tiles.  It’s not that expensive.  In the end we probably spent about $300 on the concrete, but we got granite tiles, with $50 shipping for just under $400. 

Pictures to come, stay tuned!

Right now my projects that are all in the works….

-repaint (we did just paint a year ago, but I’m over brown & tans… we’re jumping on the Grey train!)
-Closet Redo (ALL of them, but we’re starting with the hall)
-Office Revamp into pantry/playroom
-Master Flooring
-Master Bath Renovation
-Guest Bath Redo (paint, floor, vanity, mirror, lighting)

Sound busy enough?